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Our company lies in the beautiful coastal city-Dalian. With good historical industrial
conditions and convenient sea, land and air transportations, possessing the bonded Zone
and export processing zone only existing in northeast china, Dalian is the most
important industrial production base in China and the international shipping
center in northeast Asia.
Company Profile: 
Company Address:    No.26 Fuan Street, Dalian Development Zone, China
Enterprise Type:    China and Japan Joint Venture
Artificial Person:   MSakabe Kimihiko (From Japan)
Registered Capital:   US$ 2,490,000.00
Company Staff:      93 Chinese and 2 Japanese
Building Area:     7800 square meters
Production Capability: 500 tons per year ( investment castings)
Japan Investor:     Japan Asahi Denki Seiko Co.,Ltd , Itsuwa Kogyo Co., Ltd
Our Advantages:
Quality as Japanese standard, Price as Chinese leve